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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

McDowell Arts Center Grand Opening This Saturday at 10 AM!

The McDowell Arts Ctr
Grand Opening Saturday 12/1 at 10 AM
Artwork on Gallery Wall

Come and join in the celebration and see for yourself the amazing talent that exist right next door! The Grand Opening of the McDowell Arts Center (right next to the Matthews Community Ctr on McDowell Street, behind Matthews Elementary School) in historic downtown Matthews is this Saturday, 12/1 at 10 AM. 47 local artists with over 80 works will be exhibiting. There will also be art demonstrations and activities for children. For sure, Matthews is a town that loves ART!

Here are the artists participating:

Stanella Barnes
Shirley Bennion
Carol Benston
Jennifer Benton
Rita Bowers
Lisa Britton
Dianne Britton
Robert Brooks
Kevin Brown
Belinda Churchward
Maris Davis
Troyann Dougherty
Robert Evans
Joyce Fischer
Evy Grouse
Pam Hancharik
Anne Routh Harrell
Vernona Hearne
Susan Hinrichs
Cynthia Howard
Ken Hutchins
Barbara Jimison
Nawona Keen
Nancy Kennedy
John Lomax
Mary Magee
Valeria Marcus
Katherine Maske
Belinda Midkiff
John Moeslein
Vincent Murray
Reg Narmour
Sue Panzarella
Carol Pighin
Marcia Pyner
Roger Schulz
Carl Shealy, Jr.
Curtis Sloop
Russell Smith
Susan Smith
Shane Somerset
Jennifer Spaker
Johanna Tenz
Alan Wells
Sandy Wilkinson
Debbie Yacenda
Jean Yates

Life Drawing Tonight at MCC

"Tom" by Jack

For those who enjoy life drawing, there is a session tonight (and every Wednesday) at the Matthews Community Ctr at 7 PM. Bring your easel and art supplies and be set up and ready to draw by 7 sharp!

The model fee is split among participants with a maximum charge of $10 per person. Lately, the cost has been around $8. Cash or check is acceptible. Say a "thank you" to Nancy Kennedy for making all this possible and she will not turn down help with setting up and taking down.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

MAG Members in Golden Palette Society Art Show

December 1st is a busy ART DAY for the town of Matthews and for MAG members. At 10 AM the McDowell Arts Center opens with over 80 paintings from MAG artists. Then two hours later The Golden Palette Society has their art show at Williams Business Properties at the Matthews Executive Park. MAG members: Barbara Jimison, Mike Thomas, Lee McLaren and Pat Hancharik will be participating in this show. After the reception for the McDowell Arts Center, go by and visit this other show and cheer our fellow members on. Details are on the flyer below:


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Diane Is For Sure... VIBRANT!

Diane Pike's artistic inspiration comes from the likes of Henry Hensche. She loves her works, whether oil or pastel, to have a strong light source and vibrant colors. That's exactly how she started out in her pastel landscape demo at our Tuesday night MAG meeting (11/13/12).

Her trees were initially done as large shapes with mostly dark and light hues of red, orange, yellow, green-blue and purple. She does not repeat colors... "close but not the same." Also, no black or white in her pastel palette. 

She normally works on Kitty Wallis paper (has "tooth" to grip and hold the colors) with soft pastels by Unison, Terry Ludwig and Sennelier. She will also use Conte and Rembrandt brands for the underpainting.

She started the demo with her paper taped to foam core wrapped with felt. She didn't blend with her finger or a stump... she layered the colors. She said she uses no fixatives or washes. Her landscape was already sketched out on the paper. She recommends using a proportional scale wheel and grids to sketch out an image on the work surface... after doing a value sketch. Her pastel sticks were kept clean with the ever present and constantly used old tee-shirt so the colors were always clean.

After blocking-in with strong colors, the trees were toned down "some" with shades of green, purple, red and blue. Street signs and telephone poles are welcome in her works... "breaks up landscape... like them!" She completed the work within an hour... vibrantly beautiful.

She gives workshops at her studio at 1515 Mint Street in Charlotte. For more information, go to her web site:

Diane's work after the block-in stage

Diane answers a question from MAG member, Marie Davis

The finished work... (sigh) so lovely


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paintings Up and Ready For MAC Grand Opening

Thanks to John Moeslein, Jean Yates, Lindy Midkiff, Nancy Kennedy and Bob Evans for their help in hanging all the artwork for the Grand Opening of the McDowell Arts Center. The event will take place on Saturday, December 1st at 10 AM. It was formerly referred to as the old "AG Building." It has been beautifully renovated into an arts facility for KidzArt classes, the MAG meetings and gallery of fine art. There will be over 80 paintings on display from MAG artists for the opening day.

Paintings along outer wall lined with windows.

One of the two rooms of gallery on upper floor.
Exhibit is called: "Introducing Artists of MAG" and
will run throughout month of December

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pastel Artist, Diane Pike, at 11/13 MAG Mtg at Matthews Community Center

Matthews Artists Guild invites members and nonmembers interested in fine arts
to our November meeting when

Diane Pike
will demonstrate her pastels withSeeing Light in the Landscape
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
6:30 PM social 7 PM meeting
at Matthews Community Center
100 McDowell Street East
Matthews, NC 28105

"My paintings are a result of my pursuit to understand and express how light creates color and how those different notes of color convey light. Understanding how sunlight affects the perception we have of color and translating the many keys of light and shadow to whatever subject I am drawn to is the challenge I face each time I put paint onto the canvas."
-Diane Pike

Born in Iowa, Diane moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1959. She lived in that area until December of 2008 when she relocated to North Carolina.
A degree in Fine Arts from the University of Northern Colorado where she studied printmaking and graphic design led to 10 years in Denver, Colorado as a graphic designer/artist in the advertising field.
Diane’s first painting class was in March of 2002 when she studied with Chuck Ceraso learning to see and paint color with the influence of light, studies he based on the teachings of Henry Hensche from the Cape School of Art. Diane studied with Ceraso for four years with pastel as her medium.
That brought her to a year long study with Kevin Weckbach in 2006 where she also began painting in oil. In addition, Diane has studied with Ken Valastro and Quang Ho at the Art Students League of Denver in Colorado.
Diane lives in the Lake Norman area with her husband where she paints full time and teaches studio classes and a few workshops each year.
Our meeting begins with a 6:30 PM social when you can chat with Diane and preview samples of her work. At 7 PM we'll have brief announcements followed by Diane's demonstration.
After briefly sharing significant points of her studies and influences that developed her passion for pastel and oil, Diane will paint a landscape in pastel while working from a photo. She'll take us step by step through supplies, equipment needed and the progression of creating a finished piece while she teaches us about Seeing Light in the Landscape.
Visit Diane Pike's website:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Night Life Drawing

"Tom" by Jack
For those of you who enjoy life drawing, there will be a session for all artists, 18 years old and up, tonight at the Matthews Community Center at 7 PM. You do NOT have to be a member of MAG to participate. Bring your own supplies and arrive a little early to set up so the session can start on time. The cost is at a maximum of $10 depending on how many attend to split the model fee. It usually runs around $8.

Be sure to thank the volunteers who set this up and keep it going. If you have time, offer to help.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

UGH! Wind, Rain and Cold Today... Plein Air Canceled

Hate canceling for the second week in a row but the weather is looking dismal. We'll try again next week. Stay in touch for our next location... maybe Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery again.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plein Air Buds at Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery

After voting early in the morning, come on out and paint Tuesday, 11/6 at 10 AM at Providence Presbyterian Church's cemetery across from the church building. There will be polling at the church so anticipate the parking lot being fuller than usual on a weekday. No voting will be taking place at the cemetery (hope not!)... it should be quiet. This is a very old cemetery and we've enjoyed painting here before.The weather is iffy with possible showers so check the MAG Blog in case of cancellation by 8:30 AM on Tuesday. We usually eat lunch somewhere together afterwards. All artists welcome!

Check the address and directions at their web site:

The oldest grave at PPC Cemetery is dated 1784

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pastel Artist Diane Pike at next MAG Meeting

Meeting Date: 11/13/12, Tuesday
Time: 6:30 PM Social Time/ Meeting starts at 7 PM
Place: Matthews Community Ctr

We will have pastel artist, Diane Pike, as our presenter. She relocated to the Lake Norman area from Denver Colorado, where she studied painting from Denver artists: Chuck Ceraso, Kevin Weckbach, Ken Valastro and Quang Ho. She holds a fine arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado and worked for 10 years as a graphic artist. Her works portray vibrant colors and a strong presence of light. You may see her works at her web site:

MAG's monthly meetings are always free and open to the public. We love visitors... join us!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

12th Annual Silver Brush Holiday Art Sale 11/9-10/12

Got this from MAG member, John Moeslein. Show your support not only for these artists but also for The Matthews Help Ctr.