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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bill Colt Will Share his Collage Technique at 10/8 MAG Meeting

Bill Colt's Free Enterprise

Are you one of those artists that starts out a painting on fresh white clean canvas? Then are you ready to be totally blown away by Bill Colt!

Bill Colt, a Monroe multi-media artist from Monroe can't begin painting until he has added some "texture" to the surface made up of drywall compound (might see some plastering tools among his brushes), cheesecloth and... old commercial ads? Yes, he creates a collage of cut outs from newspapers, manuals, album covers, etc... on the heavily textured surface. Only after all this preparation is he ready to paint his subject. Cows, street scenes, cars and airplanes seem to be his passion.

Maybe his passion will inspire you to look below the surface of your art. What can you add beneath it all to make your art more interesting and fresh? Can't wait!

It all begins with social time at 6:30 PM on Tuesday 10/8 at the McDowell Arts Center studio downstairs. You know you want to meet Bill! The presentation begins shortly after announcements at 7 PM.

Bill's web site:

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