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Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't Forget Matthews Alive! Poster Contest

Carmella Jarvi Marketing for Artists Workshop

On Thursday, April 12, the same week as her Tuesday, April 10, MAG presentation (which is free and open to the public), Carmella will continue to build on the MAG meeting concepts through a workshop called "Artists, Improve Your Marketing Message." Artists will get more intensive feedback and many ideas on how to improve their marketing. This workshop will investigate many marketing ideas, including "brand", and the different information outlets along with how to network strategically.

Artists are encouraged to bring one or two examples of their marketing materials, like business cards or brochures, or a piece or two of their art if they don't have any PR materials. Once an artist has registered, they will email Carmella a link to anywhere they have online presense. Carmella will look at their online presence beforehand and give some feedback on that as well! Each artist will leave with a handout full of strategies and ideas on how to specifically improve their marketing. They will also walk away with a number of possibilities to pursue in regards to their own branding and networking.

The work shop will begin at 1 PM on April 12 and depending on the class size will be either 2 or 3 hours (Up to 7 participants will be 2 hours, and 3 hours for 8 or more). A maximum of 12 participants will ensure everyone gets time to have specific questions addressed. Whether a smaller group for 2 hours or larger group for 3 hours, the cost is only $45 ($40 ro MAG members). All artists are encouraged to bring a snack or light meal for an additional brainstorming session following the workshop.

Artists must pre-register by Wednesday, April 11
Please include the following information for registration
Cell #:
Home #:

Mail information along with check for $45 ($40 for MAG members) to:
Nancy Kennedy
139 Steeplechase Circle
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Questions? Email Nancy at
w/ subject line MAG C Jarvi MKTG WKSHOP

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Carmella Jarvi to Speak at April MAG Meeting

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
6:30 PM Social, 7 PM Presentation
at the Matthews Community Center
MAG presents
Carmella Jarvi
"Marketing for Artists"

Carmella Jarvi, local artist, is best known for her women in water paintings and for her love of business. Join her at the MAG meeting, April 10, when she shares a number of marketing ideas and strategies-- whether you are a newer or more established artist. She'll give insight regarding what she's learned about marketing, branding and something as simple-- and terrifying-- as talking about your art.

There will be opportunities for audience participation, including some time devoted to questions.

See more of Jarvi's personal artwork and her resume at Her paintings can be purchased locally at MoNA Gallery on Central Avenue.

There will be a workshop by Carmella Jarvi, "Artists Improve Your Marketing Message"
Thursday, April 12 at 1 PM
at the Matthews Community Center
$45 ($40 for MAG members)
Registration Required
7-12 participants

Plein Air Buds Get a Treat From Sandy

Sandy explaining which plants to dig up

An sample of one of her day lilies

Sandy Collier had the P-A Buds over last fall to paint her day lilies. Today she had us over to dig some plants from her splendid garden to transplant to our own yards. Thank you, Sandy!

Never know what benefits may arise from being with the P-A Buds. Want to join? Email Debbie to get in the loop:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life Drawing Tonight

Life Drawing tonight at the Matthews Community Center for all artists 18 and older
Arrive early to set up and be ready by 7 PM
Charge $5-8 depending on how many participate to split model fee
Thanks to Nancy, Tom and Jack for making this possible!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thank You, Yvette!

Beautiful Florals

The Group at the Patio

Kathy and Connie at easels

Nancy watercoloring an iris

Painting at Yvette's is always a visual treat! Can't thank you enough for a wonderful location and unbeatable hospitality! Next Tuesday? We'll be at Providence Presbyterian Church (10140 Providence Church Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277). Email Debbie ( if you wish to be included on our email list.

April MAG Meeting Features Carmella Jarvi

Carmella Jarvi is a prolific and highly successful local artist who will speak on how to promote and market your artwork. Are you an artists who is frustrated because of the lack of attention and sales? Come to our next meeting at the Matthews Community Center, Tuesday night at 6:30 PM, 4/10. Carmella will be happy to share what has worked for her and answer your questions too.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Plein Air Buds Will Be At Yvette's Tomorrow

Email Debbie at if you'd like to be a part of this group. Free for all artists at no charge, except when we go out to eat then it's dutch treat. We'd love to have you join us!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


So sad... but it's time to go. MAG members, pick up your artwork at 10 AM this morning (Saturday, 3/24) at the Presby Hospital Matthews lobby. It was THE BEST show! Wish we had twice the ribbons to give out. So many exquisite works.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

2 Days Left!

First Prize "Heritage" by Sharron Burns

Go by the lobby at Presbyterian Hospital Matthews before Saturday morning and take a look at some awesome artwork by local artists. Which one is your favorite? Tell us!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

June Rollins Continues Iris #16

I went to June's blog and saw that she is finishing the iris she started during her demo at MAG's last meeting.Not done yet... but it's close. Thanks, June, for the update. Go to and see for yourself.

Finished Your Poster Yet?

You know... the one for Matthews Alive! Purchase Prize is $750 and it costs nothing to enter. That's rare. So come on! Get with it! Make a poster using your fine art or computer skills that depicts the theme, "Experience Matthews".

This is a very special year for Matthews Alive! It's its 20th year and it also coinsides with the Democratic National Convention being in Charlotte. Record crowds are anticipated. Imagine them seeing your creation on the posters, brochures, t-shirts and... the special insert for the event in the Charlotte Observer. Quit dreaming and get that poster to the Matthews Community Center by noon, Friday, April 13th.

Click here for the Call For Artists:

Life Drawing Tonight!

"Tom" by Jack Chapman

Every Wednesday... tonight's no different, it's time to get your art stuff in the car and lug it on over to the Matthews Community Center a little before 7 PM (to set up, we start at 7 sharp) for LIFE DRAWING! You do not have to be a member of MAG to participate... but you do have to be over 18 years old. Bring at least $8 in cash to pay your share of the model fee (usually runs $5-8). Very reasonable. We at MAG appreciate the voluntary efforts of Nancy, Jack and Tom in maintaining this art form for those who appreciate it. Thank them! And if YOU would like to help out too, let them know.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Plein Air Buds at Fellow Artist Laura Smail's Home

Seven of the Plein Air Buds met a Laura's house in the Midwood area to paint and eat lunch. We also got to see some of Laura's studio and wonderful artwork done with acrylics and pastels. Thank you, Laura, for allowing us to paint at your home.

Want to join us at our next outing? Email Debbie: We do not charge anything to participate and it's open to all artists.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Made Your Poster Yet?

The annual Matthews Alive! Poster contest is going on and will be taking entries at the Matthews Community Center from now until Friday, April 13th. Get going! It can be done by hand or with the use of your computer. Rules and entry form are located here:

Plein Air Buds at Home of Fellow Artist

The Plein Air Buds will be at Laura's house tomorrow from 11 AM to 1 PM. BYOL (bring your own lunch and something extra to share). Laura's address will not be posted publicly but if you want to be in the loop for future outings and become one of the Plein Air Buds, email Debbie at It's open to all interested artists and there's no cost except when we go out to eat... dutch treat. We love trying new restaurants!

ALSO, some of us will be painting our own interpretation of this picture taken at Sayago's in Baxter Village. Feel free to join in.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

All Paintings Have Some Green...

So go by Presbyterian Hospital Matthews and at the lobby you will find an art gallery worth a leprechaun's pot of gold (aye, it be said, "A handful of skill is worth a bagful of gold")! Start a new St. Patrick's Day tradition to view and appreciate artwork, if not here, then somewhere. The MAG Art Show display has one week left until it be-gone.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Matthews Alive! Poster Contest Call For Artists

There is simply NO reason NOT to enter this contest... NO Entry Fee... $750 Purchase Prize... artwork seen on brochures, poster, t-shirts and festival insert in the Charlotte Observer! A NO-brainer, for sure!

This is from Jayson Johnston, the chair of Matthews Alive!:
The theme of this year’s festival is "Experience Matthews". As Matthews Alive has continued to grow and evolve through the years, we have seen more and more folks make Matthews a destination for Labor Day Weekend. It is our goal that the festival helps to serve as a catalyst for even more tourism to Matthews and all of those great things our town has to offer. Also, with the DNC kicking off during the same weekend of the Matthews Alive Festival, we want to extend our invitation with open arms to all of those Delegates and participants. We have the opportunity to be on the "world’s stage", to showcase what it is to "Experience" our wonderful town. Our hope for this year’s art piece is that it will convey the message of all of those great resources we have in Matthews to "Experience". ...

The deadline for entry is Friday, April 13 at 12:00 PM and should be turned in to the front desk at the Matthews Community Center. We are open to all mediums of art, to include graphic (computer generated) art. Also note: this artwork will be used as our poster and t-shirt art. The artwork will be judged by members of the Matthews Alive Board of Directors. The winner will receive a purchase award of $750 for their piece.

We are very excited about the process, this year, and look forward to seeing all of the entries!

Get the details and entry form at:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Matthews Alive Poster Contest 2012 "Experience Matthews"

Enter this year's Matthews Alive! Poster Contest. The theme is "Experience Matthews". Prize is $750 and it costs nothing to enter. All medium including computer graphics are accepted. Deadline is Friday, April 13th. Bring entries with entry form and tags, attached to artwork, to the Matthews Community Center Desk no later than noon of April 13th. Hope to have a record number of entries! Email MAG: for entry form and details.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Sit back, Smile and Enjoy" June Rollins Demo

June Rollins with one of her watercolor Irises

"Smile and enjoy yourselves" was the opening to June Rollins demo and she gave us all cause to smile. Her floral watercolors are inspired from photos she has taken. She manipulates them using Photoshop and then makes a tracing for the watercolor. A black/white, as well a color picture, is printed and used for value study.

Her palette for the watercolor demo included Gamboge Yellow, Cad Orange, Pomegranate, Ultra Blue and Hookers Green with Burnt Sienna for dulling down. She used Cheap Joe's American Journey brand and 2 of their dragon's tongues brushes, one brush (the bigger) for pigment and the other for water. She showed a trick she learned for wetting a dry brush full of pigment... just dip your finger in water and apply it to the brush so you don't overwet your pigment on the brush.

Other tips? Have everything ready before starting. Use fresh watercolor paint, the consistency of cream, and mix in a clean tray. Let the paint dry naturally, as opposed to using a hair dryer to quicken the process. And when the art quality is going downhill... "WALK AWAY!"

Her Dreamscape: Alcohol Inks Workshop has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 17th from 1-4 at the Matthews Community Ctr. Interested? Email Nancy Kennedy at and put Alcohol Inks Workshop in the subject line.

June was unable to finish the iris at the demo but you can see the process on her website:

Life Drawing Tonight

It's Wednesday, and tonight at 7 PM, MAG will host a life drawing session at the Matthews Community Ctr. All artists 18 and older are welcome. Cost is a mere $5-8, depending on how many attend to split the model fee. Thanks to Nancy Kennedy, Jack Chapman and Tom Hopkins for making all this possible. All those who attend... say "thanks" to them too.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Why stay home? Those dull primary results can wait. That's right it's going to be a really big show with June Rollins at 6:30 at the Matthews Community Center. Don't miss her floral watercolor demo. Not familiar with her works? Check out her website: and enjoy. Beautiful! Find out how to paint one of her watercolor Irises. All meetings are free and open to the public. See, no excuse... Join us!

Monday, March 12, 2012

MAG Meets Tuesday, 3/13

COME to the next MAG meeting at the Matthews Community Center at 6:30 PM to see a watercolor demo by June Rollins. Her subject will be the iris! You can get a preview of her works at her web site: All MAG meetings are free and open to the public. We love visitors!

June Rollins will also hold an alcohol inks workshop the following Thursday, 3/15, at the Matthews Community Center from 1-4 PM. If you are interested in that, contact Nancy Kennedy at The cost of the workshop is $35 ($30 for MAG members) + supplies.

Plein Air Buds Will Not Meet Tomorrow

Rain... bummer. Yeah, looks like bad weather tomorrow so plein air is canceled for tomorrow. Hopefully, better weather next week. Be in the loop for where the Plein Air Buds will be. Sometimes we meet at private residences which can't be posted publicly. Email Debbie if you are interested in joining the group:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

2 Weeks Left...

The MAG Presbyterian Hospital Matthews Art Show is on display for two more weeks. Go by the hospital lobby and look at this year's ribbon winners and other works that were worthy of ribbons too. An exceptional show this year!

Friday, March 9, 2012

June Rollins is Presenter for March Meeting

MAG is proud to have June Rollins ( as our guest presenter for the March 13 meeting at the Matthews Community Center at 6:30 PM. She will do an Iris Watercolor demo.

She will also hold an alcohol ink dreamscaping workshop on Thursday, March 15 from 1-4 PM at the Matthews Community Center. Email Nancy Kennedy if you'd like to join in the workshop: Space still available!

This comes from her website:
June Rollins loves to go treasure hunting with her camera, paint her discoveries and write about her creative experiences. Her subjects are varied, chosen by an “intuitive pull, ” but her primary medium for the past ten years has been watercolor.
June offers beginner and intermediate watercolor workshops and alcohol ink dreamscaping workshops. She is a signature member of the Southern Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Society of North Carolina and member of Artists League of the Sandhills. She is a regular contributor for Yadkin Valley Living Magazine,
Her art was published in the October 2010 Watercolor Artist Magazine, Creativity Workshop Column titled Rough Starts, where she explained the process she uses for creating texture. Her watercolor, Treasures By The Sea, was published in the Summer 2011 issue of American Artist Watercolor as one of the top finalists in their Annual Cover Competition.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Register for June Rollins' Alcohol Ink Workshop

Beautiful... isn't it? You can learn to create with alcohol inks too. Register for June Rollins' Alcohol Inks Workshop for this coming Thursday, March 15, from 1-4 PM at the Matthews Community Center. Cost $35 ($30 for MAG members) + supplies. Questions? Ready to register? Email Nancy Kennedy at

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Matthews-Mint Hill Weekly Article

There is a write up about the MAG Art Show at Presbyterian Hospital Matthews. Check it out:

Life Drawing Tonight

MAG is blessed to have volunteers: Nancy Kennedy, Tom Hopkins and Jack Chapman! Because of their efforts, there is life drawing every Wednesday night. Tell them, "Thank you!" when you go tonight at 7 PM at the Matthews Community Center. It is open for all artists, 18 and older, and the cost is minimal, $5-8, depending on how many attend. And thanks, Jack, for the fantastic drawing of Tom used to promote life drawing.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Plein Air Buds at Baxter Village

Tuesday, 3/6, at 11:30 AM the Plein Air Buds will meet at Sayago's for lunch in Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC and then paint around the shopping area afterwards. Join us! No charge to paint with us but you do pay for your own lunch... it's reasonably priced.

Friday, March 2, 2012

What To Do With These Ugly Sewer Pipes?

Got this today from Colten Marble with the Matthews Community Center:
News Release
Date:  March 2, 2012
From:  Annette Privette Keller,
Matthews Communications Director
704- 847- 4411 ext. 230 or 803-242-5776 (cell)
Headline: Artists Sought for Town Greenway Art Project
MATTHEWS, NC – The Town of Matthews is looking for artists who could assist with an art project on the Town’s greenway.
There are sewer vent pipes on Four Mile Greenway that the Town would like to have painted in order to add an artistic element to the greenway that the public could enjoy as they use the greenway.
 If you are interested in this project contact Colten Marble, Matthews Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department at or 704-321-7275.

June Rollins Workshop

Alcohol Ink Dreamscape Workshop

Hosted by Matthews Artists Guild

Bring out your inner artist with a spirit of play using alcohol inks, a highly unpredictable but extremely forgiving, unconventional medium that has the look of stained glass.

Never Heard Of Dreamscaping with Alcohol Inks?

See Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes Art Demo at:

Alcohol inks remind me of watercolor, my chosen medium for the last 12 years. It’s amazing how a variety of interesting shapes, textures and edges seemed to appear on their own with very little effort on my part. My inner child has relished being an uninhibited, abstract artist with this unconventional medium. Hope to see you in the Alcohol Ink Dreamscape Workshop!”

“It’s a happy talent to know how to play.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Date:  Thu., Mar. 15, 1- 4 pm workshop

Place: Matthew's C ommunity Ctr, Studio A, 100 McDowell Street, Matthews, NC 28105

Cost: $30, MAG members, $35 nonmembers (does not include supplies)

Class size: 8-15 (min. 8 required)

Supplies list furnished when tuition received. Est. supplies cost $35-45

For Registration Info: E-mail name, address, and phone# to Nancy Kennedy           subject line ALCOHOL INK WORKSHOP. 
June Rollins is a signature member of the Southern Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Society of North Carolina.  She is also a member of Artists League of the Sandhills, Stanly County Arts Guild and is a regular contributor for Yadkin Valley Living, .Her art was published in the October 2010 Watercolor Artist Magazine, Creativity Workshop Column titled Rough Starts, where she explained the process she uses for creating texture.
Visit her website, and weekly blog, for painting demonstrations and artist reflections.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sharron Burns Wins First Place

Sharron Burns Wins First Place at 2012 MAG Art Show at Presbyterian Hospital Matthews

The winners of the 2012 MAG Art Show at Presbyterian Hospital Matthews were announced at the reception held at the hospital lobby tonight. The awards were judged by Harris Holt. Mayor Jim Taylor also attended to give a ribbon for his favorite painting. The winners are as follows:

1st Place - Sharron Burns "Heritage". Watercolor
2nd Place - Jennifer Benton "Daisy in Rain". Photography
3rd Place - Prudy Weaver "The Lemon Tree". Oil
Achievement Awards
Russell Smith "Quentin Roosevelt" Oil,
Mike Thomas "Pick Me, Pick Me". Watercolor
Reg Narmour "Lemonade Stand". Watercolor
Paula Hemsley "Basket Maker" Pastel
Honorable Mentions
Barbara Jimison "One Saturday Morning". Watercolor
Jewel Baldwin "Nyhavn Harbour". Watercolor
Jean Yates "White and Black". Watercolor
Lynn Kera "Transcendence". Acrylic/Mixed Media

Mayor Jim Taylor's Favorite Painting: Richard Miles- "Self-Portrait with Sister, Son and Granddaughter". Acrylics

Congratulations to all the winners! Wonderful show!

A Tribute to Diane Caudle

Diane was an active member of MAG and won many awards for her pastel work of ballerinas and family events. No doubt if she were here, she would've entered the latest hospital show and more than likely won a ribbon.  If you are able, don't miss this tribute show to her.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

 5PM - 7PM

Union County Community Arts Council

120 N. Main St.

Monroe, NC 28112

For more information, please contact Kimberly Malanik at 828-773-1991