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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Special Life Drawing Wednesday

Nancy Kennedy informs us that Kat will model for MAG for the last time before moving to NYC (for at least a year) Wednesday, 7/24. If you've enjoyed drawing her at other venues, you are welcome to join the artists at the Matthews Community Center from 7-9 PM. Get in your last chance to draw her wonderful poses before she steps in her car and hits the road. We will gather in the parking lot afterwards to give her a wave goodbye. If you like, bring a little something to put in a goodie bag for her.

Life Drawing is open to all 18+ years old artists. Cost is minimal: $4-$10, depending on how many attend to split the model fee.

"Tom" by Jack

List of 2013 Matthews Alive Art Show Entrants

Are you an artist interested in competing and showing in this year's Matthews Alive Art Show at the McDowell Arts Center? Add your name to the list. This show is not juried. All entrants qualify in showing and being judged by Christie Taylor of Hodges Taylor Gallery in Charlotte for the top prize of $400. Mayor Jim Taylor of Matthews will also select his favorite painting along with other town officials.For more information and show rules, go to our previous blog post:

Here are the list of entrants:

Debra Aase-Farnum
Connie Agard
Karen Alley
Jennifer Benson
Carol Benston
Rita Bowers
Yvette Brandell
Janet Broome
Kevin E Brown
Sharron Burns
Lynn Callahan
Eric Casaburro
Kathy Collins
Carlos Cotera
Margaret Croft
William Dixon
Fonda Doerre
Jacquelyn Dunford
Robert Evans
Joyce Fischer
Jeannie Gilland
Evy Grouse
Dennis Hall
Carol Hambridge
Anne Harrell
Nena Hartz
Ken Hutchins
Barbara Jimison
Dean Johns
Mary Johnson
Illa Joshi
Pat Kempisty
Gene Lazo
Dottie Leatherwood
Bill Locke
John Lomax
Mary Magee
Martha Manco
Rebecca McDuffie
Jana Midkiff
Lindy Midkiff
Judy Mizell
John Moeslein
Marcee Musgrove
Helen Newton
Susan Nuttall
Susan Panzarella
Carol Pighin
Susan Raby
Amy Schwartz
Nicki Shishakly
Brad Slater
Curtis Sloop
Torrie Smiley
Cecile Smit
Gene Smith
Russell Smith
Connie Snipes
Christine Tidwell
Jennie Tomlin
Barbara Travell
Alex Whisonant
Suzy Wilson
Samantha Woitovich
Jean Yates
Kim Younce

Don't see your name? Email Debbie ( and let her know of the error. The oversight is not at all intentional. It is just a busy time. Also, being on the list does not obligate you or eliminate you from entering on take-in day. We understand if you change your mind.

MAG thanks Cheap Joe's and Binders Art Supplies for providing gift certificates for additional prizes.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Call For Artists: Matthews Alive! Art Show

Last Year's Winner Rebecca Primm with friend (on left), 
and judge, Elizabeth Apple

Matthews Artists Guild sponsors the Matthews Alive! Art Show and welcomes all artists: members and non-members to participate. Artwork in oil, pastels, acrylics, mixed media, drawing, photography and sculpture are qualified. These works will remain at the MAC from August 24 through take-down on Saturday, October 5.

Take-in Date: Saturday, August 24 from 10 AM to Noon 

Place: McDowell Arts Center in Matthews

Prizes: 1st Place: $400, 2nd Place: $200, 3rd Place: $100, 8-Honorable Mentions: $25 gift certificates. Ribbons will be awarded for Mayor's Choice and other city administrative employees.

Entry Fee is $30 for up to two works.

Judge is Christie Taylor of Hodges Taylor Gallery.

The Award Reception is Thursday, August 29, at 7 PM. Winners will NOT be notified prior to the reception.

Take-down Date: Saturday, October 5 from 10 AM to Noon

Notify Show Chair, Debbie Yacenda, if you plan on entering by emailing her at She will email you the entry form and labels. Also, copies of the form and labels will be available at take-in.

The Show Rules are as follows:

In order to maintain the integrity of our Judged Shows, please adhere to the following rules:

  • There shall be a non-refundable $30 entry fee for the Matthews Alive! Art Show.  20% of all sales go to town of Matthews.

  • Artists 18 years of age or older and MAG members are eligible to enter up to two works of any stated medium.

  • Artwork must be original. Subject matter must be your own and NOT a copy of any other work or picture. NO prints, giclees or any other reproductions will be accepted. Photography prints are regarded as original art. It cannot be over 2 years old and not previously shown in a Matthews Alive! Art Show.  Artwork entered must not have been done within the framework of a class or workshop, nor will rework of paintings pre-submitted be accepted. Damaged frames or artwork will not be accepted. Artwork submitted may be questioned by chair as to source and content.

  • There shall be no computer-generated artwork

  • Artwork must be properly framed and securely wired.  No clip mounting or saw-tooth hangers will be accepted. 3 dimensional artists must provide own platform or floor padding for works as needed.

  • Once art is hung, it must remain until the close of show on October 5th, 2013.

  • No participant is to be allowed with the Judge during his/her selection of artwork and awards.

Show Chairperson:
Debbie Yacenda
Matthews Artists Guild
home: 704.321.1523

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Al Torres Set MAG Straight on Linear Perspective

How many times have we impatiently painted a scene without properly sketching it out and when completed we are totally bummed because something was out of place. That something is not where it is supposed to be. Could be a perspective problem. Al Torres, with the use of a T-Square, ruler and triangle, showed us how to remedy this irritant and how to boost realism in our art.

At the July MAG meeting, he started his demo with a video on the history of linear perspective. Brunelleschi is credited for its discovery, or re-discovery, within a cathedral doorway in Florence. Using a horizon line with a vanishing point he looked out from that doorway and recreated the Florence Baptistery using diagonal lines extending from the VP. What was most fascinating was how he tested the accuracy of his drawing. What a perfectionist! He put a small hole in the completed drawing at the VP then looked through the hole at the baptistery with the drawing facing the baptistery. In his other hand he held a mirror that he extended out so he could see the drawing by looking through the hole at the mirror. He would look at the mirror image of his drawing and then lower the mirror to look at the actual baptistery, alternating repeatedly. After comparing the two, he was satisfied with the accuracy of his drawing and with the system he created.

Shirley examining the 12-point ellipse

Examples were shown of paintings before and after Brunelleschi's method caught on with other artists. Masaccio was one of the earliest painters to use linear perspective. His works became popular due to the higher realism and others started painting in this way. Paintings started to look more realistic especially with accurate shadowing. In Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” Jesus’ head provided the one point perspective!

Shed, fence and people made with 3 point perspective

After a little history lesson, Al demonstrated how linear perspective is performed in simple drawings. It was evident that he had some training in architectural drawing. He was quick and proficient in creating a shed with door, fence and windows along with… the owners! He also created the dreaded ellipse using 8 and then 12 points. He made it all look so easy. But to know it, you have to practice it… correctly.

Al highly recommended: Perspective for Painters by Howard Etter and Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis. He is also a fan of Douglas Flynt and follows his blog:

Want to learn more? Nancy Kennedy is arranging a workshop with Al for interested MAG members. It is a 3-hour workshop for just $30. If interested email with Torres Workshop in the subject heading.

Thanks to Al Torres for presenting a technical subject with interest and humor. Many of us are looking forward to the workshop. 

Thanks also to Eric Casaburro for videoing the demos and to Cynthia Powers for photographing the meeting. (Cynthia has watercolor classes at Binders 10-Noon for the next three Saturdays (7/13, 20, and 27). Inquire at Binders.)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cool Summer Art Exhibit Now on Display at MAC

MAG artists are trying to help cool things down this summer with some art that will take your mind off the heat. Come and see the works at the McDowell Arts Center, located on McDowell Street in historic downtown Matthews, now until August 23. All works are for sale and can be bought by calling the artist's number on the display card. That would be so cool!

There is a variety of subjects and mediums.

There are metal sculptures like this one called "Perfect Landing."

You will see representational and impressionistic landscapes, then....

turn the corner and see this cute whimsical elephant.

We have art that will make you feel...

and think.

We also have art that can tell you something about the artist...

or reveal something about YOU!
Just come and enjoy.
McDowell Arts Center is open
M-F 1-8 PM
Sat 10 AM- 4 PM
Sun 1-6 PM

The following artists are on display:

Carol Benston
Kevin E. Brown
Sally Manier Brown
Troyann Dougherty
Gary Dunn
Robert Evans
Joyce Fischer
Ken Hutchins
Gene Lazo
Bill Locke
Lorene Lovell
Martha Manco
Katherine Maske
Jana Midkiff
Lindy Midkiff
John Moeslein
Vince Murray
Marcee Musgrove
Carol Pighin
Bradford Slater
Curtis Sloop
Debbie Yacenda
Jean Yates

Friday, July 5, 2013

Cool Summer Exhibit Take-In is Tomorrow, Saturday, July 6

"Against the Wind"
Copper and Steel Metal Work by Bill Locke

All MAG members are invited to bring up to 3 works of art to the McDowell Arts Center for display from 7/6 through 8/24. Make sure your 2-D works are wired for hanging. No clips or sawtooth hangers will be allowed. The hours for take-in are 10 AM to Noon at the McDowell Arts Center Gallery area upstairs.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life Drawing Today and Every Wednesday Night

"Tom" by Jack

It's the 3rd of July... is there life drawing tonight? Yep. Go the Matthews Community Center, on McDowell Street in historic downtown Matthews, a little before 7 PM start time, to set up with all your own supplies. The cost ranges from $4-$10 to split the model fee. Oh, and thank Nancy Kennedy for all her work in arranging this.