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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where Were You! See What You Missed At Crowders Mountain State Park

Seven of us made it out to the paintout at the fishing lake at Crowders Mountain State Park. Here are some pics to make you wish you were there too.
Scott Under the Umbrella
Tina's Pastel Work

Norma's Acrylics Work

Monday, July 30, 2012

Matthews Alive! Art Show Will Be at Matthews Community Ctr

Matthews Community Ctr
100 McDowell Street
Matthews, NC

Due to construction delays, the McDowell Arts Center will not be ready for Matthews Alive! The art show will be held at the Matthews Community Center, as in previous years. Take in on August 28 from 3-6 PM will also be at the Matthews Community Center. Disappointed? Yeah... but the show must go on!

Go to a previous blog for updated forms.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Plein Air Buds at Crowders Mt State Park Tu 7/31 Morning

Join the Plein Air Buds at the fishing lake at Crowders Mt State Park, Tuesday morning at around 9:30. Feel free to come earlier or later and just get out there and paint. All artists are welcome. This is a casual event requiring no payment or entry forms... just come and start creating art with the rest of us. All artists welcome.

Crowders Mt State Park fishing lake

Afterwards, some of us will lunch at nearby Subway. Again, anyone welcome to join us then too.

Take in For Matthew's Alive Art Show is 1 Month From Today

Details at previous blog:

Top prize is $800. Get ready!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Drawing Tonight!

"Tom" by Jack

All artists 18 and older are welcome to MAG's life drawing every Wednesday night at 7 PM at the Matthews Community Ctr. The model fee is split evenly among participants with $10 being the maximum amount. Usually runs around $7/person. Thanks to Nancy Kennedy for scheduling the models and maintaining this MAG program. See the schedule on the lower left side for the model.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Plein Air Buds at Freedom Park

Freedom Park Bridge

Despite the high temperatures, under the tree along with a continuous breeze, Norma and Debbie were comfortable painting the Freedom Park Bridge. Yeah, attendance was light. Jen came along to talk a while which is perfectly acceptable. Maybe we'll do better next week at Crowders Mt. State Park. That will be Tuesday morning 7/31 at around 9:30 AM. As always don't despair if you're the first to arrive. People will come eventually. It is summer you know... Email Debbie for the details:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Plein Air Buds at Freedom Park Tu 7/24 around 9 AM

The Freedom Park Bridge
by Kevin Brown

That's right... Tuesday, 7/24, at 9 AM or earlier or later... your preference, the Plein Air Buds will be at Freedom Park. No rules, restrictions or membership required. Just paint your heart out! Email questions to Debbie at

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life Drawing Tonight at Matthews Community Ctr

"Tom" by Jack

If life drawing is your thing, come by the Matthews Community Ctr tonight, Wednesday, 7/18, a little before starting time, which is 7 PM, to set up. The cost of the model is split among the participants and usually runs around $7 but will cost no more than $10... ever. All artists 18 and older are welcome.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hot Day at Col Beatty Park

Tina's Pastel in Progress

Unfortunately, I (Debbie) still have painters at my house and could not stay to paint at Col. Frances Beatty Park. But I did stop by to check on the artists and saw Kim and Tina. It was muggy and hot but they brought their easels and went to work making something beautiful. Proud of 'em!

Someone requested Freedom Park for next time so that will be our next location, Tuesday, 7/24 in the morning. Some like to come earlier or even later than my time, which is 9:30. We're a flexible group. We usually have lunch together someplace nearby. All artists are welcome and there is no charge or requirements to join us. For more information email me, Debbie Yacenda, at

Monday, July 16, 2012

Matthews Alive! Art Show Call For Artists

Matthews Alive! Art Show 2011 Winner
by Russell Smith
Self-Portrait as a German Ace 1918

Entries due 8/28 3-6 PM 
Place: the new McDowell Arts Ctr next to the Matthews Community Ctr on McDowell St. in downtown Matthews, NC
Go to earlier blog posting for details:

Plein Air Buds at Col Frances Beatty Park Tuesday AM 7/17

Connie Snipes oil painter at Col Frances Beatty Park

Join the Plein Air Buds at Col Frances Beatty Park on Weddington Rd, Tuesday, 7/17 at 9:30 AM or whatever time you prefer in the morning. Most of us plan to be at the lake area but feel free to explore the other areas and trails for inspiration. There is no charge and all artists of all medium are welcome to join in. We usually eat someplace nearby for lunch, dutch treat, and chat. Feel free to join us then too. But whatever you choose to do, make sure to... CREATE ART!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kevin Lepp Explains As He Paints

Kevin Lepp Relating How to Paint the Mouth

Kevin Lepp is a graphic artist who also paints in oil. Using a limited palette of white, burnt sienna, two blues, two yellows, cad orange and cad red, he painted a portrait of his 16 month old son from a photograph. He said he sometimes will do a painting using only a couple of brushes which he constantly cleans. The underpainting was done beforehand with diluted paint but during his demo no medium was used with the oils.

After examining his underpainting he made some adjustments with the top of the head. He advised spending 45 minutes to make sure all the facial features are aligned correctly before continuing to paint. The earlier adjustments are made, the easier it is.

As he painted he talked about the difficulty of the eyes, nose and the mouth ("never use a straight line"). Warm tones predominated the face so cool blues and grays were incorporated in the shadows.

As to background, he stressed the importance of keeping it simple so that it doesn't take away from the subject of the portrait.

He was unable to finish the portrait which he doubted he could do in just an hour. But the most important lesson from his demo was to... just get in there and do it! Don't think too much about what to do! And that you will make mistakes. Just get over it and correct it. Fortunately, with oils it is easy to fix. Thanks for revealing your method, Kevin.

7/11 Life Drawing Tonight!

MAG Life Drawing Tonight 7/11! Matthews Community Ctr at 7 PM sharp. Come early to set up, please. Cost is $10 max but usually around $7. Model fee is split evenly among participants. All artists 18 and older are welcome.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Plein Air Painting Today

Instead, go to Christ Church and view the works of MAG artists today. Plein air next week, ok? In the meantime, send ideas for future outings to Debbie at Would love to hear from you.

Anyone know of a sunflower field?

Monday, July 9, 2012

We Are Sellin'!

MAG artists are selling artwork at the Good News Shop at Christ Episcopal Church at 1412 Providence Rd in Charlotte. The store is in operation during the week from 9 AM to 4 PM and closed on Friday. Go by and take a look. 30% of all sales go to charities supported by the church. It is a very lovely display this year and thanks to all who participated! And thanks to Christ Church for allowing us to display and sell there another year!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Russell Smith Wins James V. Roy, Jr. Award

Self-Portrait as a German Ace in 1918
Russell Smith

The American Association of Aviation Artists have listed their winners for this year's ASAA International Aerospace Art Exhibition. Russell Smith who won the Matthew's Alive! Art Show with "Self-Portrait as a German Ace in 1918" took the top award again... the James V. Roy, Jr. Award! AND he took second place in the Military Aviation category with his "Snake's First Strike". Congratulations, Russell. MAG is proud to have you among our members.

Here is the link to check his work and the excellent artwork of others who competed in this art show.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Don't Forget Christ Church Art Sale Monday

MAG members, bring in your artwork to the Good News Shop between 10 AM to Noon. Details at previous blog:

Check and make sure your name is on the list. There's 30 participating! If not, email Debbie at

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kevin Lepp at Next MAG Meeting 7/10

Our meetings are held the second Tuesday night of each month and they are free and open to the public at the Matthews Community Center. Social time starts at 6:30 PM with light refreshments and then the meeting begins at 7 PM.

Check previous blog for details on the 7/10 meeting:

Start of portrait for Kevin Lepp's demo on oil portraits

No Life Drawing on the 4th of July

Due to the holiday, there is not life drawing tonight. Enjoy the fireworks instead!

by Jack

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Plein Air Buds at Boyce Park

Tina at work

Jennifer and Deborah at table nearby

Wonderful shade!

Tina showing why we do it with her pastels

Despite the heat and the upcoming holiday, there were 6 of us at Boyce Park this morning: Tina, Deborah, Jennifer, Josiah, Alex and Debbie. We found some shade and a picnic table along one of the trails and settled down to create some art with pastels, photography, gouache, pencils and oils. After all that hard work, we ate at Table 274 at Cotswold and then moseyed over to Binders to discover something new. Great way to celebrate the 3rd of July! Sound like firework-fun to you? Then email Debbie at to get in the loop!

Monday, July 2, 2012

McDowell Arts Center has STAIRS!

Colten Marble gave Jean Yates and Debbie Yacenda a tour of the latest rennovations to the McDowell Arts Center. Most obvious were the entryway stairs.
Entryway Stairs

Inside, we were shown the two upper rooms where dry wall was being mounted.

Meeting Room on the left of entryway stairs

In the room downstairs, where the studio space and sinks will be, the boxes and beams were being set up in the ceiling for the different types of lighting.

Lower Level for Studio Spaces

Each floor will have two bathrooms and two storage rooms.

Doorway to Storage Room

Hopes are for the building to be completed in time for the Matthews Alive! Art Show. Exciting!!! Thanks for the tour, Colten.

More stairs by the elevator to the upper and lower levels

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kevin Lepp Is Ready For MAG Demo Next Week

Preparation of Portrait for Demo
Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

If your interest is portrait painting, don't miss our next MAG meeting with Kevin Lepp!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
6:30 PM social 7 PM meeting
at Matthews Community Center

Kevin Lepp received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration at Ringling School of Art and Design. While there, he received the "Best Illustrator" Award for his class of 2001, and the "Best of Show" for the 2001 Best of Ringling Show. He now resides in Ft. Mill, SC with his wife & child. Kevin owns KML Studio. In addition to his oil portraits, he now works as a graphic designer and is credited as a published illustrator of a children's book. You can view his fine art portraits at this link:

Our meeting begins with a 6:30 PM social when you can chat with Kevin and preview samples of his works. At 7 PM we'll have brief announcements followed by Kevin's demonstration.

At his demo, Kevin will have a portrait already begun on his easel at the sketched and blocked in stage. He will walk us through the steps he took to get the painting to its current state. After speaking about his tools and the colors on his palette, he'll demonstrate his painting techniques as he progresses the fine art portrait into color.

Mark your calendar now for
July 10, 2012 Kevin Lepp Fine Art Portrait in Oil

If you have questions, e-mail Nancy Kennedy