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Monday, July 2, 2012

McDowell Arts Center has STAIRS!

Colten Marble gave Jean Yates and Debbie Yacenda a tour of the latest rennovations to the McDowell Arts Center. Most obvious were the entryway stairs.
Entryway Stairs

Inside, we were shown the two upper rooms where dry wall was being mounted.

Meeting Room on the left of entryway stairs

In the room downstairs, where the studio space and sinks will be, the boxes and beams were being set up in the ceiling for the different types of lighting.

Lower Level for Studio Spaces

Each floor will have two bathrooms and two storage rooms.

Doorway to Storage Room

Hopes are for the building to be completed in time for the Matthews Alive! Art Show. Exciting!!! Thanks for the tour, Colten.

More stairs by the elevator to the upper and lower levels

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