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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Take In for For the Love of Art Exhibit Saturday 2/2

Colors in the Cold closes 2/2 to make room for new exhibit: For the Love of Art

MAG members are invited to participate in the next monthly exhibit entitled: For the Love of Art. Bring in one artwork to the McDowell Arts Center Saturday 2/2 from 10 AM to Noon. This exhibit will stay up until Saturday 3/2/13. The public is welcome and most works will be for sale. If you see artwork you would like to purchase, call the artist. All information is provided on cards attached to the works.

Take Down of Colors in the Cold exhibit is on the same day and time. All works must come down, please. If there is a problem picking up your work, notify Debbie.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Severe Weather Forecast... Life Drawing Canceled

"Tom" by Jack

It is very rare that Life Drawing is canceled but when the weather is awful so is attendance. So due to the forecast of severe winds and storms, we are canceling Life Drawing tonight 1/30/13. Try it next Wednesday!

Canceled! Wednesday... Life Drawing at Matthews Community Ctr

"Tom" by Jack

Due to the forecast of severe weather today 1/30/13, life drawing is canceled for tonight. Be sure to come next Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Plein Air Buds Painted the town of Waxhaw

The Plein Air Buds had the most gorgeous weather for sketching and painting in historic downtown Waxhaw. There were 12 of us in different locations around the town painting old homes, storefronts and street scenes. It is a quaint and lovely old town and we all would love to go back again. For those of you who couldn't make it, here's what you missed:

Nice stroll by shops

Red umbrella and dog made for great focal point

Jenn and Carol painting architecture

Window display of antique store

For the Love of Art Take-In Saturday 2/2 10 AM-Noon

MAG members remember to pick up your artwork for the Colors in the Cold exhibit and bring in one artwork for the next exhibit: "For the Love of Art"! Take in is Saturday 2/2 from 10 AM to Noon. If you must pick up artwork at another time, notify Debbie at her email: This exhibit will feature a guest sculptor, Bill Locke, whose works are done with metal. Bill is a welder turned artist and MAC is excited to showcase his 3-dimensional works alongside MAG's works on the walls. Don't miss it!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Plein Air Buds at Waxhaw 1/29 at 1 PM

The Plein Air Buds will meet at Waxhaw's historic downtown area on Tuesday 1/29 at 1 PM. 

Just take Providence Road from the Charlotte area and go south past Weddington until you reach Waxhaw. You know you are there when you reach the railroad tracks. Look to the left for a bridge that goes over the tracks and that's where we will meet. Feel free to explore the town and paint where you want. Afterwards those who want to can meet at the Crossroads Coffee Shop and chat a while. Hope to see you there. This is open to all artists and there is no charge. Just bring whatever medium and supplies you require and paint the town!

Meeting place at Waxhaw for Plein Air Buds
Tuesday, 1/29 at 1 PM

MAG Member and Critique Host in South Charlotte News

Congratulations to Russ Smith for an excellent interview with South Charlotte News. We appreciate him not only for his talents but also for his interest in and assistance to all artists with his Critique Group with Gene Lazo. Come to the McDowell Arts Center on the third Tuesday night of each month. It begins at 6:30 PM. Bring artwork or a photograph for evaluation or just come and listen and/or express your kind opinion. Click on here for the article.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Kevin E Brown Presenter for 2/12 MAG Meeting

Don't be confused... Kevin E Brown is a landscape artist who uses water-soluble oils. Kevin W Brown does oil portraits and was MAG's president for 3 years. Kevin E Brown is a familiar face at Cheap Joe's also and it is he who will do a demo at our next MAG meeting Tuesday 2/12 at 7 PM at the McDowell Arts Center.

Kevin likes to paint "peaceful places' and he's been to quite a few locations not only on the east coast but also in the Southwest where he lived for 30 years. You can see his works at Cheap Joe's, at Teena's Art Gallery in Matthews or at his website

Don't know what Kevin will paint for his demo. But, he says it will start with a fresh canvas showing how to block-in with water-soluble oils. Next he will bring out another canvas and show how to use the medium in a later stage. Does it really matter what he paints? Of course not! We just know it will be excellent and the information will be valuable. 

Don't miss it! As always, MAG's meetings are free and open to the public because we love visitors. Come early for the social time at 6:30 PM and meet Kevin and the MAG members. Look around the gallery too.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Judy Mizell's Poured Watercolors Workshop

Thanks to all 11 who showed up for the watercolor workshop with Judy Mizell. We met in the downstairs classroom of the McDowell Arts Center where there was plenty of room and light.

The majority of the participants were watercolorists looking for new ways to enhance their works. One of the artists, who  works primarily in pastels, used the technique to create an underpainting. Judy Mizell did not disappoint. She helped everyone with their individual works by suggesting colors and advised in the pouring process to allow for the entry of light or in making the subject stand out. Each pouring was as unique as the person who created it. Hopefully, we will see some of the finished works at one of MAG's exhibits at the MAC.

Judy starts off the workshop with pouring the staining pigments on wet paper.

Large tubs of water were provided for the initial wetting of the paper.

Judy went to each artist to help with the manipulation of the colors.

Judy answering a question from pastel artist, Mona Hearne.

Pouring and tilting the colors on the wet paper.

Soaking the paper for the staining pigments. 
Later, when dry, the paper is soaked again for the granulated pigments.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Plein Air Buds Had Cold/Warm Time at 4 Mile Creek

Kim painting with watercolors in sunshine

The wind was kicking yesterday at the Greenway at Piper Glenn, making painting a little uncomfortable. But thankfully, Starbucks was nearby with warm coffee which Ken, Kim, Jennifer and Debbie enjoyed with Scott Boyle who talked to us about his new web site: North Carolina Plein Air Painters. The Plein Air Buds are listed among the Groups. Make sure you sign up as a member so you can get all the info on our future outings. Next week? Waxhaw! Details will be posted soon.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Take 2! 4 Mile Creek Greenway at Piper Glenn

The Plein Air Buds will try again on Tuesday 1/22 at 1 PM for en plein air at the Greenway trail at Piper Glenn. Park at the nearby parking lot at Rea and Bevington Place. Wheel your art stuff on down the trail until you see the gang with easels and chairs and art stuff.

It will be cold... but no precip and sunshine expected. After an hour or so we can go to Starbucks to warm up and chat.

All artists welcome and free... except the coffee.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

MAG Art Sale Going on at Presbyterian Hospital Matthews

Matthews Artists Guild will be displaying at Presbyterian Hospital from now until 2/15. We will take down the artwork Saturday morning on 2/16. Go by and take a look at works done in oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastel, colored pencils, photography, mixed media... just go look, ok? You will enjoy browsing through the beautiful works. And if you see something you'd like to buy, call the artist and arrange it. That is so easy. Get over there soon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Take in for Presbyterian Hospital Matthews Art Sale Tomorrow

Matthews Artists Guild will be exhibiting and selling original works, as well as prints and giclees at the main lobby of the Presbyterian Hospital Matthews from 1/19 to 2/16. We anticipate over 30 artists participating. Stop by the hospital's main lobby and enjoy the guild's display. If you wish to purchase a painting, call the artist's number printed on the card next to the work.

For take-in, artists come to the main lobby of Presbyterian Hospital Matthews, 1500 Matthews Township Parkway, Saturday 1/19, from 10 AM to Noon. 
Bring in:

  • up to 3 paintings labeled 
  • the filled-out entry form (copies provided if you do not have it)
  • fee ($15 for 1 work, $25 for 2 and $35 for 3). 

MAG members who are current on dues may enter works. You can pay your dues at the take-in table. 

Thanks to all our helpers: Jean Yates, Jan Herzog, Curtis Sloop, John Moeslein, Marcee Musgrove, Lindy Midkiff, TJ Yacenda, Joyce Fischer, and Jennifer Benson. And thanks to Presbyterian Hospital Matthews for allowing us to exhibit in their lobby again! 

2012 Exhibit at Presbyterian Hospital Matthews

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Live Model Drawing Tonight

"Tom" by Jack

It is Wednesday and that means life drawing at the Matthews Community Center at 7 PM. All artists, 18 and older, are welcome. Cost? Depends on how many attend to split the model fee but it will never be more than $10. Bring enough cash for $4-10 along with your supplies a little before starting time 7 PM. 

Critique of the Critique in One Word? Excellent!

MAG is very fortunate to have many talented artists who share their expertise to benefit us all. Thank you to two such members, Russ Smith and Gene Lazo. The opening night of their critique was attended by around 15 fellow artists who are all accomplished and talented but just wanting some fresh eyes on works they feel were lacking. 

Russ, a professional representational artist with oils, and Gene, a professional photographer, took turns giving each artwork their assessment and then opened the discussion to the rest of the artists. Everyone gave and got suggestions, as well as encouragement. It was an enjoyable evening.

What were some of the observations and suggestions? Establish and maintain your painting's path. Don't block it and don't let it drop into an inescapable hole. Put the strongest contrast in the area you want the eye to go to first. Appreciate negative space and sometimes it is ok to leave it plain especially when your subject is enough to carry the work. Break up lines that are distracting. Make sure you are taking advantage of what's going on in the background. And sometimes your instincts are right on, despite yourself! 

Gene looking over artwork (smudged) brought in for evaluation

Russ explaining the critique process

Turn out was great for opening night of critiquing

Critiques are scheduled on the third Tuesday of each month. The next one is 2/19/13 at 6:30 PM at the McDowell Arts Center gallery rooms in downtown Matthews, NC. All artists are welcome and it is free.

Check out Russ's web site:
Check out Gene's web site:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Judy Mizell Workshop

Judy Mizell floral using pouring method for background

Lovely, isn't it? The background really does compliment the flowers beautifully. How do you make that background? Well, with Judy's method, one thing you avoid is a brush. It's all about pouring and choice of colors (staining and granulating). Want to learn how to do it? 

Come to her workshop 
Place: Matthews Community Center at 100 McDowell St. in downtown Matthews, NC
Date: January 24
Time: 1-4 PM
Cost: $30 for MAG members and $35 for non-members

Contact Nancy Kennedy at by noon, Tuesday, 1/22 to be registered
Bring to class your check, a beverage and snacks to share and supplies listed below:

Wonders of
A Watercolor Pour
Workshop Supplies List
For this workshop we will be experimenting with pouring techniques so you will need some
staining colors and some granulating or sedimentary watercolors.
All the pigments listed are transparent,
an important factor in creating beautiful washes that won’t turn muddy.
You will need 
2-3 staining colors and
2-3 granulating colors

but bring in whatever you have-more colors will give you choices.
Be sure to bring in the tubes of paint for mixing the solutions, as well as your palette.
Staining Colors:

    Quinacridone Rose
Quinacridone Violet
Permanent Alizarin
Thalo (Winsor) Green
Prussian Blue
Sap Green
New Gamboge

2-3 Granulating Colors:
Gold Viridian
Ultramarine Blue or Violet
Permanent Mauve
Yellow Ochre
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber
Brushes: Bring in whatever brushes you have, including
a large wash brush
and one for applying the masking fluid, preferably an old or inexpensive one

Paper: 140# cold press, 1 or 2 quarter sheets (11x15 inches) preferably Arches

Photo of your subject
If you’d like to get ahead of the game,
you can sketch out and mask the subject on your paper before the workshop.
Masking fluid (if needed)
Water Container
Misting bottle (if you have one)
Small Containers for paint solutions: 
For this technique we will be pouring solutions of pigment onto the paper
so you will need approximately 6 small containers to mix your paint in.
Empty pill bottles with tight fitting lids are ideal and
the unused portions can be easily saved.
Small plastic cups that come with laundry detergent will do,
as will most any kind of small plastic containers you find around the house.
You can purchase packages of small containers with lids at craft stores
but that’s not really necessary if you can find some reusable stuff at home.

An eye dropper or syringe (or even a drinking straw) 
is helpful for dropping a small amount of paint where you want it.
An old bath towel: to use on the table under your paper
Roll of Paper Towels!!! This will be messy but it’s lots of fun…

Paint Shirt or Apron

Plein Air Buds Cancelled Today 1/15 at 4 Mile Creek Greenway

It looks like rain! Let's try again next week... same location, Tuesday 1/22 at 1 PM. Starbucks? Yeah, we'll do that too after the painting. Hopefully better weather next week!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tuesday 1/15 Plein Air Buds at 4 Mile Creek Greenway

Who says winter is bleak. Looks pretty good to me. Join the Plein Air Buds at the greenway at Rea and Bevington at Piper Glenn in south Charlotte Tuesday 1/15 at 1 PM. There's a parking lot next to the trail. Wheel your supplies on down the walkway until you see some gals (sometimes some guys) painting at their easels. Paint with us or go you own way. We understand. After a little time painting, how about some coffee at Starbucks? All artists of any ability welcome.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Colors in the Cold Exhibit is Up at MAC

Stop by the McDowell Arts Center and take a look at the "Colors in the Cold" exhibit. These are all done by local artists and some of the works are for sale. The best way to go into a gallery is to look for the artwork that grabs you most. You will not only leave appreciating art more but through the experience learn something about yourself. That's art!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Artwork is... FALLING! HELP!

All artists need help from time to time with a work that just won't come together. Who are you going to call? How about giving MAG members, Russell Smith and Gene Lazo a try! Both of these artists are qualified to give you assistance with whatever ails your precious work. 

Russell Smith during MAG demo with his artwork

Gene Lazo (at right) receiving award at Matthews Alive for "Street Jesus"

Bring it in, Tuesday 1/15 at 6:30 PM to the McDowell Arts Center gallery area where other fellow frustrated artists will receive kind and gentle help too. No Simon Cowell's are allowed when critiquing please!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Judy Mizell Poured on the Charm

Judy Mizell answers question from Ron Fields

The results from the poutings

Paper, paint, towel, various bottles, but very little brush action

Great turnout for first MAG meeting at the MAC

Judy Mizell creates beautifully detailed watercolor subjects with equally beautiful, colorful and sparkling backgrounds. How does she do it? Pouring. That's right. Not a brush in sight. Just pour diluted paints on the paper and movie it around by tilting the paper. 

But before you go off and attempt this there are considerations:
Paper- make sure it is good quality such as Arches or Kilimanjaro with at least 140 weight.
Watercolor Paint- Use professional artist grade paints and (1) check for transparency... should be very transparent (2) Staining quality... should be strong and able to stand up to rewetting (3) Sedimentary or Granulation Quality... some paints have light particles that stay with the wash while others are heavier and sink or bind to the paper leaving a grainier appearance. Know all these qualities before applying the paints.

Before applying the paint to paper, draw a sketch of your subject and mask it.

Put diluted paints in pill bottles mixing 1/8th of an inch of paint to 6 squirts of water. Stir it well. This keeps for 2 weeks.

Soak paper in a large container of water and brush off any bubbles.

Pour paints onto the wet paper and tilt. Keep applying colors using the pill bottles or with an eye dropper for specific spots. You can use the spray bottle to further manipulate the paint and create a pathway of light with lifting.

Put the paper on a towel to dry. After it is dry, rewet again and repeat the process for deeper colors. Make sure you preserve that path of light!

Keep working it until you are satisfied. When it is fully dry and you're pleased with the effect, then you can unmask and paint your subject.

Other tips:
Don't use a brush... it will streak it.
Avoid the hair dryer... especially when it is really wet.
Try using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for lifting.
Avoid mixing complementary colors... you'll get mud!

Thank you, Judy, for the perfect presentation for the opening of MAC.

If you wish to know the quality of your watercolor selections you can go to Winsor & Newton's Resource Center.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our First Meeting at MAC is TONIGHT!

Come tonight to the McDowell Arts Center in Matthews, NC (next to our old meeting place the Matthews Community Center) at 6:30 PM for our first meeting at the MAC. We will meet upstairs in the gallery area for social time and then watch a live presentation by Judy Mizell at 7 PM. 

Judy is an accomplished watercolorist who will demonstrate her unique style of pouring colors. She belongs to the Georgia Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Society of North Carolina both as a signature member. She won the Atlanta Artists' Society Award at the 2009 National Show. It's an honor to have her present to MAG tonight. You can view her works at her web site.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Exhibit at McDowell Arts Center

Starting Saturday, 1/5, there will be a new exhibit at MAC called "Colors in the Cold" by the artists of MAG. Come and take a look at how local artists interpret "Cold", that term meaning low uncomfortable temperatures. There will be beauty and maybe more than a few thought-provoking surprises. Come and take a look. The building will be heated.

Some of the artwork will be for sale. Contact information for the artist will be noted on cards with each artwork.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Life Drawing Tonight and Every Wednesday Night

"Tom" by Jack

Life Drawing continues for 2013 at the Matthews Community Ctr. You must be 18 or older to participate. The cost runs from $4-10 depending on how many participate to split the model fee. Bring your own easel and supplies. The model schedule has been updated at the lower right side of this blog. Thanks to Nancy Kennedy for keeping this art option going. Come early to be ready to start at 7 PM. And if able, please help with set up and take down.