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Monday, May 13, 2013

MAG Reception for Annual Art Competition for Members

MAG would like to thank all who attended the reception, Saturday, May 11th, for MAG's Art Competition Show at the McDowell Arts Center. There were a good many guests along with the participating artists who came.

Abundance of Food and Art

MAG appreciates all who came

The Mayor's Award was presented by Mayor Jim Taylor of Matthews. Mayor Taylor has been choosing his favorite painting for this event for 3 years and his presence is always a highlight.  Brian Neher was the main judge who went above and beyond expectations by coming to the reception and giving an explanation for his choice of each award. After the reception he also spoke with other artists about their artwork. He was a gracious and exceptional judge for this event.

Brian Neher talking about First Place entry by
Sue Panzarella

Here are the winners for the 2013 MAG Art Competition Show:

Mayor's Award- Mary Magee's "Playing in the Reef"

Mayor Jim Taylor with artist, Mary Magee

The following entries were judged by Brian Neher:

First Place- Sue Panzarella's "Lots o' Pots"

Congratulations to Sue Panzarella for taking 1st Place

Second Place- Sharron Burns' "Korn Belt"

Sharron Burns with her 2nd Place entry "Korn Belt"

Third Place- Verna Hash's "Beside Still Waters"

Honorable Mention #1: Laura Smail's "Wisconsin Autumn"

Honorable Mention #2: Jean Yates' "Fresh Tomatoes"

Honorable Mention #3: Paula Hemsley's "Cool Shade"

Honorable Mention #4: Martha Manco's "Casey"

Martha Manco with her portrait of "Casey"

Honorable Mention #5: Jean Yates' "Apples in Glass Bowl"

Jean Yates receiving Honorable Mention Award

Honorable Mention #6: Mary Johnson's "Waiting Time"

Honorable Mention winner, Mary Johnson, with "Waiting Time"

Honorable Mention #7: Janet Broome's "Walk Up"

Honorable Mention #8: Judy Mizell's "Green Eyes"

This event was assisted by the generous support of the following companies:

Binders Art Supplies
Cheap Joe's
Fast Frame in Matthews Festival

MAG would also like to thank the following individuals who gave time and talent to help with the various jobs required for the reception:

Ben Jimison
Barbara Jimison
Amy Schwartz
Mary Johnson
Yvette Brandell
Bob Evans
Jean Yates
Curtis Sloop
Rita Bowers
Jan Herzog

And Cynthia Powers for all our photographs!

The exhibit will remain up at the McDowell Arts Center through the end of May. Most of the artwork is for sale. To purchase, contact the artist with the phone number on the artwork's label.

McDowell Arts Center Hours of Operations:
M-F 1-8 PM
Sat 10 AM- 4 PM
Sun 1-6 PM

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