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Saturday, February 18, 2012

MAG Art Show at Presbyterian Hospital Matthews

Just a week from today! Saturday, February 25 from 10 AM to Noon, Take-in for the MAG Art Show at Presbyterian Hospital Matthews will take place. This is for members only who are in good standing with their dues. Please check with membership chair, Anne Harrell (, if you are not sure.

The reception is Thursday, March 1, 7 PM, when the award winners will be announced. We are looking forward to Mayor Taylor's choice award too! We will need help with the refreshment table. Food items need to be fingerfoods like mints, nuts, munchies, cookies, brownies, small sandwiches, shrimp cocktail. We are still looking for a punch person... MAG will reimburse for ingredients.

Here are the entrants so far:
Elizabeth Martineau
John Lomax
Jennifer Benson
Anne Harrell
Russell Smith
Becky Wood
Jennifer Spaker
Jean Yates
Debbie Yacenda
Belinda Churchward
Rita Bowers
Mary Magee
Geri Dowd
Ed White
Vince Murray
Sharron Burns
PJ Swain
Reg Narmour
Richard Miles
Jewel Baldwin
Yvette Brandell
Valeria Marcus
Illa Joshi
Dell Shepherd
Marie Davis
Susan Hinrichs
Garlin Russell
Diane Rector
John Moeslein
Prudy Weaver
Barbara Jimison
Michael Thomas
Paula Hemsley
Carolyn Greer

Thanks to everyone for their interest and hard work in this event!

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