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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jackie Dunford Griddles Up Encaustic Treat

Jackie Dunford explaining process of painting with wax

Samples of Jackie's encaustic artwork
Jackie Dunford is not afraid of heat. Her encaustic techniques make plenty use of it with a griddle, traveling iron, creme brulee torch, and other tools that generate temperatures upwards to 800 degrees.
The griddle, she uses to heat and melt her medium, natural bees wax and the pigmented wax that are melted in cat food tins. Her brushes are natural bristle (synthetics cannot withstand the heat).
She starts with melted clear wax and puts a coating on a wooden board and lets it harden. With a very hot heat gun, the wax is remelted on the board surface. Then the pigmented colors are added and blended using a travel iron. Brushes are also used to smear and mix the colors. With an embossing tool she continues to move the wax until it is shiny, which means it is fusing. There are tools for fine work also if you want to draw with wax.
Visit Jackie's web site: for more lovely examples of her artwork. She also works in clay and does origami.


  1. Wow! I feel famous! You guys were great and I had a super time. I was really nervous at first and this is my largest crowd so far. I would be glad to demonstrate my techniques with any other guild or group interested, or plan a workshop. email if you are interested in the workshop on Saturday, Oct. 20, 10-3, $100., all supplies included even lunch of tacos from our neighboring authentic Mexican restaurant.
    Thanks again!!!
    Jackie Dunford

  2. Didn't look nervous to us, Jackie. Fantastic demo!