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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Many Thanks For Those Who Helped With Matthews Alive! Art Show

(Upper Left) Festival of Colors by Illa Joshi
(Lower Left) Oasis by Carol Benston
(Upper Right) Cone Manor by Carol Pighin

We at MAG want to take this time to look back and thank those who made the Matthews Alive! Art Show a success. Each year it seems to get bigger and better because of the efforts of many who care about promoting the arts in Matthews.

Thank you to Binders and Cheap Joe's for always being there to back us up with gift certificate awards. And if you won one, says "thanks" them too when you use it.

Thank you to Anna and Elizabeth Boyle for providing wonderful music during the reception. Hope we can use you again.

Thank you to the MAG board members and chairs, Jean Yates, Rita Bowers, Jan Herzog, Anne Harrell and Jan Spaker for their hard work and supportive help.

Thank you to all at the Matthews Community Center, Colten Marble, Lee Tillery and Michelle Savage. We can't count how many times was heard the phrase, "Do you need anything?" Love 'em!

Mayor Jim Taylor for all his support and for his super judging skills. Everyone wants a ribbon from the mayor!

Thank you to our judges Elizabeth Apple and Carolyn Jacobs. Don't know how you did it with all the wonderful works. We also appreciate Elizabeth Apple coming to the reception and encouraging so many of our artists. You really are an advocate for the arts!

Thank you to John Moeslein for the use of his panels and for the placing of all the artwork.

Thank you to Mataya, Cynthia Powers and Richard Miles for engaging the public during the show with their demos.

Thank you to members who helped with the take-in and take-down, the reception and the show.

AND thank you to all the participants!

Sadly, all good things come to an end, like the Matthews Alive! Art Show. But, now is the time to look back and think of ways to improve it next year. Please email any suggestions, comments, and (sigh) complaints to Debbie: We at MAG really want to make this an enjoyable event for all who participate.  

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