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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Carol Pighin Mixes Inks at Demo

Carol Pighin explaining her process of painting oil 
over alcohol inks on canvas

You won't find anything like this demo on youtube because this is Carol's own technique and MAG was greatly honored to have her share it with us at our meeting Tuesday night, May 14, at the McDowell Arts Center studio room. 

Carol started off her abstract field of mums with the alcohol inks already purposely applied to the canvas. She had also applied clear gesso over the inks. The inks and gesso must dry before the thinned oil paints are added. 

Carol's supplies for the demo

Her palette included Indian yellow, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue, Winsor blue, cad yellow, cad lemon yellow, alizarin crimson, phthalo green and quinacridone red. Turpenoid was used to thin the oils before application so the inks behind will show through. Bristle flat and round brushes were used along with a palette knife to apply the oil paints.

When asked why she worked with alcohol inks on canvas, as opposed to yupo paper, Carol said, "... because I am an oil painter." She suggested those who are watercolorists to try their own experiments with yupo paper. Many in the audience after seeing Carol's demo, were coming up with their own ideas of how to incorporate alcohol inks with other mediums. 

Sharing artistic ideas and expanding on them is what MAG is all about. Thanks, Carol! We hope to see those ideas become real in our future exhibits.

Carol shows one of her completed works

Carol applying thinned oil over inks 
so underpaint of inks shows through

Field of Mums completed... lovely!

Thanks to Cynthia Powers for the photographs.

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