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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Critique of the Critique in One Word? Excellent!

MAG is very fortunate to have many talented artists who share their expertise to benefit us all. Thank you to two such members, Russ Smith and Gene Lazo. The opening night of their critique was attended by around 15 fellow artists who are all accomplished and talented but just wanting some fresh eyes on works they feel were lacking. 

Russ, a professional representational artist with oils, and Gene, a professional photographer, took turns giving each artwork their assessment and then opened the discussion to the rest of the artists. Everyone gave and got suggestions, as well as encouragement. It was an enjoyable evening.

What were some of the observations and suggestions? Establish and maintain your painting's path. Don't block it and don't let it drop into an inescapable hole. Put the strongest contrast in the area you want the eye to go to first. Appreciate negative space and sometimes it is ok to leave it plain especially when your subject is enough to carry the work. Break up lines that are distracting. Make sure you are taking advantage of what's going on in the background. And sometimes your instincts are right on, despite yourself! 

Gene looking over artwork (smudged) brought in for evaluation

Russ explaining the critique process

Turn out was great for opening night of critiquing

Critiques are scheduled on the third Tuesday of each month. The next one is 2/19/13 at 6:30 PM at the McDowell Arts Center gallery rooms in downtown Matthews, NC. All artists are welcome and it is free.

Check out Russ's web site:
Check out Gene's web site:

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