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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Judy Mizell Workshop

Judy Mizell floral using pouring method for background

Lovely, isn't it? The background really does compliment the flowers beautifully. How do you make that background? Well, with Judy's method, one thing you avoid is a brush. It's all about pouring and choice of colors (staining and granulating). Want to learn how to do it? 

Come to her workshop 
Place: Matthews Community Center at 100 McDowell St. in downtown Matthews, NC
Date: January 24
Time: 1-4 PM
Cost: $30 for MAG members and $35 for non-members

Contact Nancy Kennedy at by noon, Tuesday, 1/22 to be registered
Bring to class your check, a beverage and snacks to share and supplies listed below:

Wonders of
A Watercolor Pour
Workshop Supplies List
For this workshop we will be experimenting with pouring techniques so you will need some
staining colors and some granulating or sedimentary watercolors.
All the pigments listed are transparent,
an important factor in creating beautiful washes that won’t turn muddy.
You will need 
2-3 staining colors and
2-3 granulating colors

but bring in whatever you have-more colors will give you choices.
Be sure to bring in the tubes of paint for mixing the solutions, as well as your palette.
Staining Colors:

    Quinacridone Rose
Quinacridone Violet
Permanent Alizarin
Thalo (Winsor) Green
Prussian Blue
Sap Green
New Gamboge

2-3 Granulating Colors:
Gold Viridian
Ultramarine Blue or Violet
Permanent Mauve
Yellow Ochre
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber
Brushes: Bring in whatever brushes you have, including
a large wash brush
and one for applying the masking fluid, preferably an old or inexpensive one

Paper: 140# cold press, 1 or 2 quarter sheets (11x15 inches) preferably Arches

Photo of your subject
If you’d like to get ahead of the game,
you can sketch out and mask the subject on your paper before the workshop.
Masking fluid (if needed)
Water Container
Misting bottle (if you have one)
Small Containers for paint solutions: 
For this technique we will be pouring solutions of pigment onto the paper
so you will need approximately 6 small containers to mix your paint in.
Empty pill bottles with tight fitting lids are ideal and
the unused portions can be easily saved.
Small plastic cups that come with laundry detergent will do,
as will most any kind of small plastic containers you find around the house.
You can purchase packages of small containers with lids at craft stores
but that’s not really necessary if you can find some reusable stuff at home.

An eye dropper or syringe (or even a drinking straw) 
is helpful for dropping a small amount of paint where you want it.
An old bath towel: to use on the table under your paper
Roll of Paper Towels!!! This will be messy but it’s lots of fun…

Paint Shirt or Apron

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