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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Holly Glasscock Demonstrated the Secret to Quick Painting is in the Preparation

Holly Starts with pale lavender sky on cadmium red light underpainting.

"Visual Vivance" is what Holly Glasscock calls her musical painting performance. She says, "The music has to be lively." Why? It makes Holly paint freer and quickly. She has to finish the work in 45 minutes! When the music ends, so does the painting; that's her goal. 

She starts with a drawn image on gessoed masonite covered with a cadmium red light underpainting to complement the green landscape. Her palette contains cool and warm hues of different colors with Dioxazine Purple thrown in.

Her subject for this demo was a landscape with cows. Two photos were used as references. She used Photoshop filters to simulate squinting for one photo, which simplifies the scene to show light and dark areas. The other photo was just a regular shot that may have manipulated shadows and highlights. She also mixed colors to match the colors in the photos before painting and painted dabs of matched colors on the picture. By the time she is ready to paint, she is fully prepared and can easily paint the landscape quickly... in 45 minutes. And for Holly, her haste aced a great painting. Bravo! A memorable demo!

Holly saves the cows for last.

Great attendance for Holly's demo.

Beautiful and finished by the end of the meeting.
Thank you, Holly.

Holly holds classes at her home for beginners or advanced students. You can find more information at her web site:

Thanks to Eric Casaburro for donating his video skills during the demo. 

MAG will have Bill Colt as our guest presenter for our October 8th meeting.

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