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Friday, January 25, 2013

Kevin E Brown Presenter for 2/12 MAG Meeting

Don't be confused... Kevin E Brown is a landscape artist who uses water-soluble oils. Kevin W Brown does oil portraits and was MAG's president for 3 years. Kevin E Brown is a familiar face at Cheap Joe's also and it is he who will do a demo at our next MAG meeting Tuesday 2/12 at 7 PM at the McDowell Arts Center.

Kevin likes to paint "peaceful places' and he's been to quite a few locations not only on the east coast but also in the Southwest where he lived for 30 years. You can see his works at Cheap Joe's, at Teena's Art Gallery in Matthews or at his website

Don't know what Kevin will paint for his demo. But, he says it will start with a fresh canvas showing how to block-in with water-soluble oils. Next he will bring out another canvas and show how to use the medium in a later stage. Does it really matter what he paints? Of course not! We just know it will be excellent and the information will be valuable. 

Don't miss it! As always, MAG's meetings are free and open to the public because we love visitors. Come early for the social time at 6:30 PM and meet Kevin and the MAG members. Look around the gallery too.

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