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Friday, June 15, 2012

Christ Church Art Sale

MAG members may sign up to sell 2 pieces of artwork at Christ Church on Providence Road from July 9 through August 28. Take-in is Monday, July 9th, at the church, from 10 AM to Noon. Please sign waiver and bring it with your artwork. Christ Church takes a 30% commission on any artwork sold, which is donated to various charitable organizations. MAG does not charge its artists for entries.

The following artists have signed up to enter artwork for sale:

1.    Baldwin, Jewel
2.   Benson, Jennifer
3.   Bowers, Rita
4.   Brown, Kevin
5.   Sharron Burns
6.   Churchward, Belinda
7.   Copely, Susie
8.   Davis, Marie
9.   Evans, Bob
10.        Fischer, Joyce
11.        Harrell, Anne
12.        Hinrichs, Susan
13.        Howard, Cynthia
14.        Jimison, Barbara
15.        Kennedy, Nancy
16.        Lomax, John
17.        Magee, Mary (will bring it in later in week)
18.        Mataya
19.        Moeslein, John
20.        Murray, Vince
21.        Narmour, Reg
22.        Pighin, Carol
23.        Shealy, Carl
24.        Shepard, Dell
25.        Weaver, Prudy
26.        Wells, Alan
27.        Yacenda, Debbie
28.        Yates, Jean
29.        Yates, Ron
30.        Younce, Kim

If you plan on submitting artwork and do not see your name, email Debbie at

Label for back of paintings:

Waiver Form Link:

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