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Friday, February 5, 2010



MAG's February meeting "Marketing your Artwork" will be presented by Alan Wells and Kevin Brown a program for everyone who has ever had any thoughts or active interest in marketing and selling your artwork. Wether you choose to do it as a hobby, for a little extra cash, or if you are or thinking about selling your artwork as a profession there will be something for everyone!

If you try to do the math, between Alan's and Kevin's total years of experience with this stuff... It's a lot. Although, Alan pushes that total a bit more... Alan will present the foundation and strategies of marketing your artwork, and Kevin will follow-up with how he started as a professional/full-time painter and sharing what has worked and not worked for him.

Other news to come and hear about at the meeting - Our upcoming workshops, AG Building, and MAG's Presbyterian Hospital Matthews Hospital show -This is the Members annual premier show! It's the one event that belongs to you, so dust off your work or create something new and participate!

We look forward to see you all at the meeting!

MAG's Watercolor Workshop February 12, 2010 is FULL

The next workshop is scheduled for March 21, 2010

Details coming soon - Don't miss out!

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