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Friday, September 2, 2011

Matthews Alive! Art Show Winners

Kathy Collins (Third Place) for "White Orchids"
Russell Smith (First Place) for
"Self-Portrait as a German Ace in 1918"

2011 Matthews Alive! Art Show Ribbon Winners

Thank you to ALL the artists who participated in the 2011 Matthews Alive! Art Show. The turnout for the reception Thursday night was beyond expectations with many non-members in attendance... which we at MAG love to see!

The winners? They are listed below:

Matthews Choice Awards:

Colten Marble, Cultural Recreation Specialist, chose: Diane Caudle's "Little Ballerinas at the Ballet Barree"

Corey King, Recreation Program Specialist, chose: John Moeslein's "No Vehicles Allowed"

Jayson Johnston, Special Events Manager, chose: Russell Smith's "Self-Portrait as a German Ace in 1918"

Lee Tillery, Director, chose: Mary Luke's "January 21st at 6 PM"

Mayor Jim Taylor chose: Shawna Dinger's "W-squared"

The following are awards selected by Elder Gallery owner and event judge, Larry Elder:

1st Place: Russell Smith, "Self Portrait as a German Ace of 1918

2nd Place: Bre Crowell, "Autumn Haze"

3rd Place: Kathy Collins, "White Orchids"

Best Drawing: Reg Narmour, "Saturday at the Park, Charleston"

Best Photography: Anne Harrell, "Peony's Heart"

Honorable Mentions:

Carol Pighin's "Mission at San Luis Rey"

Kevin Brown's "Donna in Light"

Nell Lander's "Country Lane"

Mary Luke's "January 21st at 6 PM"

Achievement Awards:

Jean Yates' "Unwrapped"

Connie Snipes' "Working Farm"

Lynn Callahan's "Retired"

Russell Smith's "Bus #7"

Congratulations to all the winners! All artwork will be on exhibit at the Matthews Community Center during the Matthews Alive! event Saturday through Monday afternoon, 9/3-5. Come and take a look for yourself!

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