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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bob & Kevin Show... Painting Improvement

Our meeting on May 8th was a repeat performance of the Bob & Kevin Show for painting improvements. They did this May of last year with such aplomb that we just had to have them do it again. Paintings were brought in by 6 MAG artists for evaluation but... to start off Bob Brooks and MAG President, Kevin Brown, showed their latest works for the audience to critique.

Bob Brooks holding up Kevin's painting

Critiquing is vital in improving our art in that it gives additional eyes to see repeated errors that an artist can be blind to. Near perfection, as well as problem areas, were noted for each painting. What were some of the painting issues? Body proportion, shadows, color choice, background, distracting content... all were addressed in mediums of watercolor, oil and pastels with subjects of people, animals, still life and landscape.

Thanks again, Bob and Kevin, for another brush up!

Kevin praising Barbara Jimison's background choice

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