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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Grand Opening of McDowell Arts Center to Feature Artists of MAG

McDowell Arts Center
Located next door to the Matthews Community Center

MAG is very proud to be exhibiting for the dedication and grand opening of the McDowell Arts Center on December 1, 2012. The exhibit of two-dimensional hung artwork will showcase the members of the Matthews Artist Guild. MAG will meet in one of the upstairs meeting rooms at the new art center when it opens. Thank you to Cultural Recreation Specialist, Colten Marble, and the town of Matthews for this honor.

The following artists plan on entering artwork for this exhibit:

Troyann Dougherty
Barbara Jimison
Shirley Benion
Jennifer Benson
Debbie Yacenda
Bob Evans
Carol Pighin
Dianne Britton
Mary Magee
Jean Yates
Nancy Kennedy
Joyce Fischer
Kenneth Hutchins
Belinda Churchward
Cynthia Howard
Rita Bowers
Russell Smith
Yvette Brandell
Valeria Marcus
Evy Grouse
Alan Wells
Jo Tenz
Reg Narmour
Lindy Midkiff
Anne Harrell
Vince Murray
Mona Hearne
Lisa Britton
Sandy Wilkinson
Jen Spaker
Carol Connaughton
Carl Shealy
Stanella Barnes
Katherine Maske
John Lomax
Shane Somerset
John Moeslein
Kim Younce
Susan Panzarella
Illa Joshi
Nawona Keen
Cynthia Powers
Curtis Sloop
Marie Davis
Kevin Brown
Carol Benston
Marcia Pyner
Bob Brooks
Susan Hinrichs
Nawona Keen
Roger W. Schulz
Susan Smith

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