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Friday, September 3, 2010

Matthews Alive Art Show Awards!

1st Place/Best of Show - Reg Namour - "Cash Cow"

2nd Place - Paula Hemsley - "Cooling Off"

3rd Place - Ed Lipe - "Backyard Safari"

Drawing Excellence - Jean Yates - "Backlite"

Honorable Mentions

Bob Brooks - "A Mountain View"
Rebecca Wood - "Sand Hill Cranes"
Yvette Brandell - "Cyclamen"
Bre Crowell - "Waters Edge"

Achievement Awards

Jacqueline Durrett - "South Mills Creek, NC"
Jewel Baldwin - "Dignity Lost"
Pete Bailey - "Bok Joy"
Diane Caudel - "The Ballerinas and Dress Rehearsal"

Guest Judges Awards - Based on their personal favorite

Matthews Alive Festival Mgr. - Jayson Johnston: Debbie Yacenda - "Houseboats on Lake Powell"

Parks & Rec - Director - Lee Tillery: Jacqui Durett - "South Mills Creek, NC"

Commissioner - Nancy Moore: Jewel Baldwin - "Dignity Lost"

Matthews Mayor - Jim Taylor: Ally Parrott - "Willow Tree"


For those of you who were unable to attend last night - We missed you! We had an excellent turn out and a big thanks to all of you who brought in food and drinks...
We look forward to seeing everyone at the Matthews Alive Festival and enjoying the exhibit!

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