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Monday, August 22, 2011

43 Participants so far...

Here's who we have participating in the 2011 Matthews Alive! Art Show:
Dell Shepherd
Jean Yates
Rita Bowers
Bob Evans
Kevin Brown
Debbie Yacenda
Richard Miles
Vince Murray
Yvette Brandell
Troyann Dougherty
Reg Narmour
Jennifer Benson
Nancy Kennedy
Paula Hemsley
Beth Ybarra
Sherry Wilson
Marie Davis
Carol Pighin
Susan Cunningham
Kathy Collins
Connie Snipes
Mary Luke
Anne Harrell
Christine Tidwell
Sally Brown
Jewel Baldwin
Becky Wood
Fiona Miller
Louise Williams
Schelly Keefer
Diane Caudle
Lisa Underwood
Wendy Hope
Varsha Pradhan
John Moeslein
Stanella Barnes
Jen Spaker
Edna Barker
Sandy Wilkinson
Barbara Jimison
Cynthia Howard
Nancy Wagner
Nell Landers
Don't see your name? Why not? Enter! Entry fee is $30 for up to 2 pieces of artwork. Top prize is $400, second place is $200 and third place is $100. There are lots of Binders and Cheap Joe's gift certificates being awarded along with ribbons. There's even one for Matthews' Mayor Jim Taylor's favorite! Email Debbie for more information: All artists welcome.

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