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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brian Neher Presenter for next MAG Meeting 3/12

Brian Neher
Portrait Artist

MAG is very honored to have Brian Neher as the feature speaker at our next meeting Tuesday, March 12, at 7 PM in the downstairs area of the McDowell Arts Center.

Brian is a local artist known for his portrait works in oil. He not only captures likeness but he goes the extra mile to add some personality too. American Artists Magazine featured him in their fall 2010 issue.  He has shown at the Portrait Institute in Manhattan, NY, and appeared on national public television show Paint! Paint! Paint!. The National Portrait Competition gave him recognition as well as the West Coast Society of Portrait Painters. 

Who does he give credit for his wonderful talent? His grandmother, a commercial artist, taught and encouraged him to draw as young as 3 years old. His college instructor, Brian Jekel introduced him to the ways of the Old Masters of the late 19th century. Joe Bowler, a well-known portrait painter, was his main influence and teacher. And... "Above all, Brian thanks the Lord for the talent which He has given to him and for the opportunity to use those creative skills for His glory." You can read all about Brian at his blog as well as view examples of his works and testimonials from his clients.

At present, he is conducting a You Be the Judge Art Competition of 15 works. Look them over and pick your favorite!

Thank you, Brian, for visiting with us. This is certainly one meeting you do not want to miss. As usual, MAG meetings are free and open to the public.

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  1. All of the entries are so beautiful! It was hard to pick just one!