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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You Are Missing Out!

Gene and Russ examining painting (retouched to hide)
at 2/19/13 Critique Night

If you are a serious painter wanting to improve your art, you should be at Critique Night every third Tuesday of every month. Why? Because you not only get an evaluation by two conscientious professionals, Russell Smith and Gene Lazo, but also their encouragement. You have nothing to fear especially if you want to improve your paintings and photographs.

What did we learn last night? A simple turn of a cat's head can change a painting's impact. The strongest colors can be in background, especially if the subject is backlit. Glaze the background to make your foreground subject boom! Be aware of the placement of your focal area and empty spaces. That certain smile can do so much for a portrait... just ask Mona. Don't let competition losses affect the way you feel about your art... judges judge according to what they like. 

The evening was enjoyed by all who attended. Don't miss the next one on March 19th at 6:30 PM. Latecomers are welcome... we know it's hard to get there on time.

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