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Monday, March 4, 2013

In Celebration of Women Exhibit

From now until April 5th MAG will be holding its In Celebration of Women Exhibit at the McDowell Arts Center. Local quilters Megan Shein, Charlotte Harkey, Deborah Young and Margaret James are featured on the floors. Each quilt is an original artwork that captures your full attention as soon as you enter the room. They are so exquisite but please avoid the temptation to touch them.

Also on display, are works by MAG members with paintings, photographs and sculptures to fit the theme of celebrating women. Best title for this exhibit is: "The Other Woman" by Shane Somerset. Go by and see his work to find out why. There are no theme police for the exhibits so sometimes the title is changed to fit the theme. Very clever, Shane!   

The reception for this exhibit is Wednesday, March 13th at 7 PM downstairs at the McDowell Arts Center. This event is free and open to the public.

The following MAG artists are on display this month:

Shirley Bennion
Jennifer Benton
Rita Bowers
Dianne Britton
Lisa Britton
Bob Brooks
Eric Casaburro
Marie Davis
Robert Evans
Joyce Fischer
Pam Hancharik
Nena Hartz
Mona Hearne
Ken Hutchins
Johanna Kelly
Gene Lazo
Bill Locke
Valeria Marcus
Lindy Midkiff
Jana Midkiff
John Moeslein
Vince Murray
Elise Orenstein
Carol Pighin
Anne Harrell
Roger Schulz
Carl Shealy
Cecile Smit
Shane Somerset
Jen Spaker
Prudy Weaver
Debbie Yacenda
Jean Yates

"Time Goes On" by Bill Locke
Metalwork sculpture on old car door

Photographs and Paintings by MAG Artists

Paintings depicting women(?) in various activities 

One of 8 quilts on display at the MAC

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