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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dennis Shook Watercolorist at Next MAG Meeting 8/14/12

Meet Dennis Shook at 8/14/12 MAG Meeting
Place: Matthews Community Ctr at 100 McDowell St in
downtown Matthews
Time: 6:30 PM Social Time/7 PM Meeting begins
Chairs will be set up for those who want to watch/ listen and tables will be set up for those who wish to paint. Dennis & Nancy will have basic supplies- brushes, paper, paint for about 20 artists to paint a picture while learning watercolor techniques. Or you can bring your own favorite brushes, paint and/or paper. Should be fun!

Dennis Shook Bio
Dennis Shook is a North Carolina artist who is primarily self taught. After reading
all he could read and visiting as many art galleries as he possibly could, Dennis
decided that he needed some formal training. The Gaston College Department
of Visual Arts provided the essential fundamental instruction and ongoing
encouragement that is necessary to support a fledgling career. Initially he
painted in watercolors, put them away for three years, and moved through
acrylics, pastels, stone sculpting and oils. Workshops, personal mentors and
good fortune followed Dennis during the next ten or more years. An opportunity
to return to watercolors presented itself when he reached an agreement to teach
Beginning Watercolors and Intermediate Watercolors at The Gaston College
Department of Visual Arts. This arrangement continued for ten years and was
mutually beneficial as both students and instructor acquired added skills. Dennis
moved on to teach at the Gaston School of the Arts, The Southern Arts Society,
Inc. and various pro bono classes for local agencies, such as the Gaston County
Library and Covenant Village. Dennis taught Watercolors privately for
approximately two years at The Framing Shop on Second St., Gastonia, N.C.
until the property was sold. He now paints and teaches at Arts on Main Gallery
and Working Studios at 212 Main St., Gastonia, N.C. Individual instruction is
provided in Open Painting Studio (any medium) or Watercolors specifically. 
Mr Shook describes his work as representational but not photo realism.

Dennis and his wife reside in Dallas, N. C. but they enjoy traveling as often as
Achievments and Gallery representation is available on the Artist's Statement.
 Artist Statement
I find it difficult to categorize myself as it relates to my artistic interests. I enjoy
carving stone as much as I enjoy the joy of color falling off my finger tips as I
render a pastel painting. I feel very blessed that I have the opportunity and the
interest to try not only different mediums but different topics with equal ease. I
often find myself locked into a particular topic; mountain streams, or interesting
people, or wonderful architectural craftsmanship and I will usually do four or five
paintings until I find a new subject that has grabbed my attention. Just as I
always have one foot out the door, ready to travel to a new unseen location, I
go into my studio each time with the promise that some image will find it's way
to my mind, hands and the brush. I can never see enough or experience
enough. It grieves me that so many beautiful things will pass away without
them being recorded for our children to see. I have little interest in the
painting, once it is painted. I am ready for the challenge of the next painting. 
I have sold only one painting that I ever wanted back. My living room
contains paintings that I have acquired from my artist friends and usually
one of my own paintings that my wife has chosen.

My Affiliations

Gaston County Art Guild
Southern Arts Society, Inc.
Avery County Arts Council
Marietta, Ohio Arts District and Cooperative
Buffalo Creek Gallery, Shelby, N.C.
Frame Shop Gallery, Gastonia, N.C.
Frame Shop and Gallery, Belmont, N.C.
Arts on Main, Gastonia, N.C.

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