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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Art Critiquing Tuesday 1/15/13 at MAC Gallery

Working on a painting or photograph and... well, something isn't quite right? Can't put you finger on the problem... Colors too cool? Warm? Focal Point out of whack? Or maybe the subject just isn't working. Get some advice from accomplished painter, Russell Smith and others. All artists are welcome to bring in their artwork to the McDowell Art Center Gallery at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, 1/15, for critiquing. We will make this a monthly event on every third Tuesday at 6:30 PM. So bring in that troublesome painting and let's get it straightened out.

Russell Smith is a multi-award winning artist, well known for his oil paintings of WW1 airplanes and air battle scenes. We at MAG feel very fortunate to have him as a member and to have him donate his time to help other artists improve their artwork.

Russell Smith when he did a demo for MAG

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