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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Critique Night With Russ and Gene Tuesday 4/16

Gentle Critiquers Russ Smith and Gene Lazo

If you are an artist who thinks, "I do not need help. I always know what's right and I do not want to change a thing about my art cause I am through growing,"... then this is definitely NOT for you. BUT who thinks that way! 

Come out to Critique Night and let the gang at the McDowell Arts Center give some fresh eyes to your masterpieces. Some might suggest you aim the cat's head in the another direction. Or maybe that kayak extends too long across the canvas. Or maybe you need to deepen or lighten some values so your focal point pops out. OR maybe you are right on and don't need to do a thing! It's all about exposing your art to possibilities you've never considered and MIGHT want to use!

AND you are welcome to give your opinions too. Russ and Gene monitor the critiques so no one is overwhelmed but all is done with encouragement too. Every work has great things about it and this is always brought out as well. You leave feeling good about your art and armed with ways to bring it to a new level. AND IT IS FREE! Become a part of this band of highly motivated artists. 

This is free and open to any and all artists. MAG membership is NOT required. 

MAG is very fortunate to have volunteers like Gene Lazo and Russ Smith in our membership. Check out their websites: 

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