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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Presenter Alex Whisonant Talked About... EVERYTHING!

Alex talking about all the different mediums made by Golden...
she likes the Pumice Gel.

Alex Whisonant WOW-ed the MAG artists with her presentation Tuesday night on what's new in art products at Cheap Joe's.  

She began with describing the many mediums and gels of Golden. Sure, we all know these pastes and gels are great for creating different types of texture for acrylics BUT they can also be used with other mediums. Alex showed how the pumice gel can be tinted and spread over a surface and when dry you can use watercolor, graphite or pastel on it. Use the watercolor gesso on one of those wood cradle panels and after it dries... paint on it! You are no longer limited to just paper!

Another product demonstrated was Jacquard Pearl-Ex's powder metallic pigment that can be mixed with any medium, including clay, to give a metal or pearlescent look. The best thing is it's non-toxic! Totally! You can even add some to your make-up. For more fun, mix it up with one of those new long-handled spreaders made of rubber . 

Wish you could display your watercolor works without the hassle of glass and framing? Try Ampersand's Aquabord on a wood cradle. Another advantage? Colors are more vibrants on the surface and if you need to lift the colors... it's a breeze! Give one a try with Faber-Castell watercolor pencils and mix in some gouache.

Alex demos graphite stick on Joe's Art Board.

Is your painting lacking zing... try fabric leaves! You can seal them on a surface with gel and then paint over it for a uniquely textured background.

Did you know watercolor and graphite come in stick, pan or magic-marker form and can be easily blended with brush and water? Yeah!

And if you paint portraits with pastels give Dakota velour paper a try. Or if you're into en plein air pastel work, there are pastel boards. Both are suitable for regular or oil pastels.

And finally, acrylic inks... wonderful for those who want their acrylic work to resemble watercolor. They are also great for stamping.

And along with the demo Cheap Joe's gave out goodie bags filled with product information, towel, sponge, drawing kit, notepad and that wonderful 40% off any item coupon. Thank you, Alex and Cheap Joe's for a great demo. Wonder what they will do as an encore?

MAG also thanks Eric Casaburro for donating his time and effort in the video work of the demo. 

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